Jeff Enlow is an interdisciplinary artist concerned with notions of social entanglement, digital assertion, and transcendence. His work explores how these phenomena are both embedded within, and created by, popular and visual culture, media, and myth. To this end he incorporates original photography, found images and video, with installation. His practice is equally dedicated to photographic and research based field work, and to sifting through digital archives. He has a keen sense for pulling at threads in order to recontextualize the implied and implicit meaning of images. Always foregrounding the human, his work oscillates between shades of beauty, darkness, alienation, and humor to create thoughtful work that teases out larger conversations about how we navigate the world today.

Jeff lives and works in California. He received his BA in Journalism from San Francisco State University, and is pursuing his MFA at the California College of the Arts. He has received funding and fellowships from the National Geographic Society, Southern Exposure with the Andy Warhol Foundation, and the Poynter Institute.