Through installation, sculpture, and painting my bodies of work are intended to create an awareness of our cyborg conditions and to engage our senses to question autonomy and coexistence. My studio can be seen as a mindscape of my own dismemberment, allowing viewers to wander around and investigate. Viewers are confronted by an element of biomimicry—imitation of models, systems, and elements of nature. This appears through crystal-like structures, binding of networks, blending of natural and synthetic fibers, bodies, skeletal forms, sacred geometry, digital lines, extending patterns, and spun formations. When the viewer is immersed in this dimension, their cognitive and physical experience is coexisting with the semi-animated objects. I ask how our identity is being built by structures outside of us as well as the unknown forces that may already be programmed within us.

Jordan Hartney is a multi-media artist residing in Oakland, CA. Her current work questions autonomy and coexistence through mysterious alien forms and cyborgian diagrams. Through welding, mold making, casting and various crafting she materializes hybridity in a disassociating age. Hartney received her BA in Visual Arts/Sculpture from Southeastern Louisiana University in 2016 and her MFA from California College of the Arts in Spring 2020.