The fluidity and mutability of form in my ceramic sculptures emerges from a simultaneously intuitive and analytical response to my experiences. My work is influenced by thoughts and senses about language, the body, gender, sexuality and cultural surroundings.

When I moved to San Francisco, I realized that it is a less judgemental city. Here you could be free to be the individual you wanted to be or to explore without being viewed negatively by society. While going to Folsom Street Fair and the gym in the South of Market district of San Francisco I realized that individuals can be free of negative judgment that is normally given in society. This particular gym has a large gay population and is characterized by an overtly sexualized atmosphere. This atmosphere is brought on by the physical appearance of the individuals working out, what they decide to wear and show. While working-out I started to realize I was becoming a spectator as well as a performer. The variations of light, or lack thereof, and color of lights were there to make the individual work out harder, and look more attractive. While this is happening the individuals add their own filter of sexuality on top of the filter that the gym already provides. The aspect of exhibiting oneself in public has made me rethink what we are trying to show to our surroundings, with the outfits we wear, and the way we invite the spectator to participate.

Luis Casas is a ceramic sculptor from Southern California. He received his BFA in Ceramics from Cal State Long Beach. He currently lives and maintains his practice in San Francisco. His sculptures explore the gay male body, it’s sexuality, and how it is explored, sexualized and objectified in a gym environment through the perspective of the individual, as well as the spectators that surround this environment. He will be receiving his MFA in Fine Arts from California College of the Arts in the Spring of 2020.