Throughout an interdisciplinary studio practice I work to enter a discourse rooted in self-expression and personal experience. Painting, sculpture, performance and photography become tools of critical investigation. Social constructs, a Queer political agenda, and the position of the non-marjorative figure provide conceptual and emotional underpinnings. Formally, my studio practice draws direct reference from discoveries in happenstance: walking outside, playing with my dog, even sitting quietly at home. I photograph these occurrences in order to accurately translate them into artworks which embody both substantive sculptural qualities and a point of departure for personal allegory. These overlooked and often ubiquitous occurrences become carefully (and lovingly) recreated and positioned at the center of attention—a quiet metaphor for the Other.

John Roy is a socially engaged artist and curator from Boston, Massachusetts and is currently the Director of “How’s Howard?”, an alternative exhibition space devoted to presenting work by a diverse group of artists from a variety of backgrounds. Social inclusivity and the celebration of identity lie at the core of the ““How’s Howard?”” mission statement. Roy received a BFA from New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University, and formerly co-directed of The Howard Art Project, an artist-run performance venue once housed in Fields Corner, a neighborhood of Dorchester in Boston, Massachusetts. John currently lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.