Playing the role of a detective seeking clues for each broken story like a mirror into a thousand images, and getting lost in fragmentations and becoming a ghost is my aim.

I have nothing to say but only to show. Collections of pictures from history. Pictures of people, places, and debris memory. I offer an object to each, the right place to set and to be, as I collect and use them.

Narges Poursadeqi was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. She started photography and video production at the Iranian Youth Cinema Society, and continued studying in Fine Art at The University of California Berkeley. Her work investigates the intersection of culture, memory, and narrative, and how each affects the other. Poursadeqi’s practice is derived by political events, culture, and religion. She works with archived photos, videos, and texts. Her role as a collector and storyteller allows her to create contemporary work that responds to political events, cultural movements, and contemporary religious discourse. The work exists in the process of finding the perfect casing, the perfect context for each object.